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History of Twelves


The building that is home to Twelves Grill and Cafe was built in 1883 and served the Borough of  West Grove for many years.   The building was built by two local businessmen, Joseph Pyle and Samuel Kent.  Along with the bank, some other occupants of the building included a Post Office, Tyson Photographic Studio, Temperance Lodge, West Grove Printing Company, and the West Grove Library.  

       On December 4th 1884 the first ever edition of the West Grove Independent was printed inside this building.  This newspaper was printed once a week for eighty years, running from 1884 until 1964.  In March of 1894 the first ever West Grove Borough Council meeting was held here shortly after they separated from London Grove Township in the end of 1893.  West Grove Borough used this building for many years serving from office spaces, to a Police Station, and even the town jail.  

In 1892 the directors of the bank of West Grove purchased what was described by the papers as "the finest building in town" at a purchase price of "a trifle over $8,000." 

       In 1925 the bank received authority from the Federal Reserve to begin to offer administrative, guardian, and trust services. In December of 1925 the officers made a resolution to change the name to "The National Bank and Trust Company of West Grove."   The Post Office occupied the south end for over 70 years, and relocated to Prospect Avenue in 1957.  When the Post Office moved, the bank went through extensive renovations and began to occupy the majority of the first floor.  

       The library, which moved into the second floor of the bank in 1911, relocated to the rear section of the first floor where it remained until the late 1960's.  

In 2008 the building was again remodeled and Twelves Grill & Cafe was born.  Twelves continues to be an amazing part of the West Grove Borough, and the Mellon family loves the history of the old building and will continue to add to its  story.  We currently seat for lunch, brunch, and dinner along with hosting private parties and special theme dinner nights.  The Mellon famliy has many exciting plans for the future here in West Grove.

Special Events and Private parties

Twelves hosts many private parties, dinners, business meetings and holiday parties up to 25 adults.

Our private room is available for special events, business meetings, holiday parties, and more. We would love to discuss how to be a part of your next event. 

House made desserts


All our deserts are made in house, fresh, and from scratch!