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Executive Chef/Owner, Tim Smith has been in the restaurant industry since he was 14. He graduated from the Art Institute of Philadelphia in 2002 with his culinary degree and worked at a variety of restaurants including: Dilwortthtown Inn, Farmhouse Restaurant, and the Back Burner Restaurant as the Executive Chef/General Manager. He travels extensively, which he says "…contributes to my laid-back culinary style and brings a great deal of creativity into the kitchen."

Kristin Smith, Twelves, General Manager/Owner, has been involved in the restaurant business since the age of 16. After graduating from West Chester University with a degree in literature, she tried her hand in other fields, but was inevitably drawn back to the restaurant industry and pursued a career as a restaurant manager full time. Kristin has also worked in a variety of restaurants, including: Buckley's Tavern, the Chadds Ford Inn and Simon Pearce.

Tim and Kristin have been married since 2004, and their story has given the restaurant its unique name. They went on their first date on November 12, Tim's birthday is January 12 and Kristin's is February 12; Their wedding anniversary is, of course, November 12. It seemed only fitting to name the restaurant after something that has meant so much to them – Twelves.

Our team is always looking for energetic and dedicated individuals. If you think that you have the skills and experience to excel is our fun, but fast-paced environment, we would love to hear from you.



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